The museum Jelling is next door to the historic and scenic area around Jelling Church, where the two famous Jelling stone and two huge burial mounds. Viking kings Gorm the Old and Harald Bluetooth founded the area for more than 1000 years ago, and just the story come alive told in the great exhibition with free admission .

The small town of Jelling west of Vejle is nothing less than one of Denmark's most important historical destinations. It is not only the largest Viking plant - in 1994, the area around Jelling Stones UNESCO World Heritage Site and was thus accompanied by among others Stonehenge and the Great Wall. Therefore, the stones were covered by two glass display, so they are now protected from the elements. The beautiful countryside around the historic site and museum invites for a walk and lunch in the open air. You are also welcome to enjoy a light meal or a piece of cake in the café and museum shop you can let yourself be tempted by a wide range of Viking jewelery, historic drinking glasses, books and other unique items. Step into the story and feel the blade unseen from the Viking Age Denmark. 

Jelling sends its skilled tour guides into the great outdoors monument area from Easter 2014, and throughout the summer. Free.