- is a tropical water park for the whole family. Speed ​​down the fun big water slides, ride the waves in the wave pool or enjoy life in one of the hot whirlpools.

Lalandia Aquadome™ in Billund is located approx. 300 m from LEGOLAND®

Combine camping with great experiences when you visit Riis Feriepark. The campsite is just a 20-minute drive from Lalandia's well-known aquadome - and the tropical water park in Billund is always a sure winner among the children.

Camping is something very special and delivers a very special atmosphere. At Riis Feriepark, the season is full of activities for both young and old. Just as the square also has various facilities for play, games and fun, so no one will be bored. The surroundings provide time for relaxation and family fun - and with Riis Feriepark's location, centrally located in Jutland, many of the country's most popular attractions are within a short distance.

If you are looking for accommodation near Lalandia in Billund, then Riis Feriepark offers a number of different options. It is not just about cabins and camping in your own trailer - Riis Feriepark also offers rooms. On the site you will find a total of 61 cabins - divided between the following sizes: 30m², 25m², 15m² and 10m². And depending on the size, up to 4-6 people can stay overnight. Come and spend the night at Riis Feriepark - we certainly have a match for your needs.