We arrive outside reception hours - how do we get in ?
If you arrive after the reception is closed , and the stay is booked in advance , please use THE WHITE BOX to the left of the reception desk. In the box found an envelope with your name on , key and room overview and access to the boom. The same procedure is followed on arrival at the pitch . Remember to check in at the front desk the next day in time . 10.00 .

Can you always run into the square ?
Boom hours will be from . 7:00 to 23:00 - arrival outside these hours parked in the parking lot .

We have to run early before reception opens - what do we do with the key to the cabin and access to the boom ?
Both can be delivered in the white mailbox in the left corner at the reception .

Is it possible to get two cars into the square ?
Will be handed a pass at . Cottage / pitch and it is therefore only possible to have one car in the space of time. An exception is parking at the cottages of 25 m2 and 30 m2 - here it is possible for a fee to get an extra car into the square .

I can see we need to have a camping - what is it?
When you are camping in Europe , one must have a valid camping . A camping pass bought in Denmark is valid in all European countries and is valid for a household defined as father, mother and children under the age of 18. All valid camping pass is covered by liability insurance against third if the card holder does not have other insurance coverage . The insurance only covers damage , according to Danish law may be liable for . Camping can be purchased on arrival or ordered here .

Do you need a camping when you have to stay in the cabin?
Yes, both when you go camping and stay in a cabin must have a valid camping .

Do you have his dog on cabin stay?
Yes, it must be like . Price . dog in the cabin is £ 300 The dog must not be left alone in the cabin with bring along when you go on tour . Remember that the dog must always be on a leash.

Do you have a dog with LEGOLAND ® and Safari Park ?
Yes, it is permissible to both places.