GIVSKUD ZOO is a fantastic Safaripark, where you can meet wild animals from all over the world. Say hello to giraffes, zebras, wolfes, monkeys, elephants and not least pay a visit to the area where the lions live. You can easily use 5-6 hours in the park - go with your own car, with safaribus or on foot.

Join the fun on the Safari Train and help feed the farm animals.
Small children love the Safari Train. The Safari Train departs from P2. It runs at weekends, on Public Holidays and every day during the high season.The train departs from P2 at the farm animal enclosure, where children and adults can help the driver feed the goats, alpaca, donkeys and yak.The Safari Train tour takes about 20 minutes. Just buy your ticket at the train before departure.

Meet the world's largest dinosaur. Now you can look forward to the biggest dinosaur exhibition ever in Denmark. Throughout the 2015 season in GIVSKUD ZOO, we will exhibit 17 different life-size dinosaurs species – from the largest herbivore of all, measuring around 40 metres in length, to one of the most deadly carnivores, Tyrannosaurus rex. Imagine travelling millions of years back into time. To a time when humans did not even exist on Earth. To a time when the climate was hot and the land mostly consisted of coniferous forests and widespread swamps. Denmark was completely covered by water. This was the age of dinosaurs, as we have learned from countless excavations across the world. Finally, you have the chance to see them life-size in a zoo near you. GIVSKUD ZOO has selected 17 of the most significant dinosaur species and gathered them in a large outdoor forest area.


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