Information about covid-19
SEASON 2020!

Based on the guidelines of the police and health authorities, there are a number of issues that you as a guest should be aware of.
Most service facilities and shared areas are open. Remember to keep your distance and pay attention.
The shop is closed and the reception is only open to a limited extent. We can always be reached by phone +4575731433 during the period 09.00 - 17.00. Outside this time, we can be reached at +4520740600, but only in case of emergency.
So far there will be a maximum of 5 for day guests.
Of course, we expect everyone to follow the authorities' guidelines on attendance and hand hygiene. Wash your hands before and after visiting the service facilities and tell your children about the guidelines so everyone can be safe using the facilities.
Cleaning of service facilities will be done once a day. Unfortunately, hand spirit is still in short supply at our supplier and we therefore encourage you to take your own precautions.
Nowhere can there be more than 50 people in total - we urge you not to gather in awnings, caravans or cabins - please be outdoors but at a good distance. In the playgrounds, smaller children must be accompanied by an adult, the bouncy pillow and trampolines in particular require attention.
As a campsite, we are held responsible by both police and health authorities for compliance with the above guidelines. So let's jointly make it happen!
We hope that despite all the restrictions you will have a good stay.


Best regards
Riis Feriepark