There is a possibility of cancellation of a booking under the following conditions:

In general
In the context of online trading there is a mandatory 14 days cancellation period. If canceled within the first 14 days the full amount paid is returned. The same applies to reservations made by telephone, however, the paid booking fee is not returned.

Cancellation with cancellation protection
When booking, online, as well as by telephone, there is the opportunity to sign a Cancellation Protection. It costs 4% of the total price for the ordered and covers the cancellation until the day before arrival at 12:00am in case of illness, injury or death of a close family.

For cancellation made until 12:00am on the day before arrival, the paid amount less the payment for Cancellation Protection is returned. Reimbursement is made agains transmission of documentation in the form of medical certificate of illness, confirmation from the hospital or doctor in case of injury or death certificate copy  in case of death

Cancellation Protection must be taken at the time of booking or at the latest at the time of payment.
Cancellation Protection can't subsequently be canceled.

Cancellation without cancellation protection
For cancellation made more than 30 days before arrival, the entire paid amount less an administration fee of DKK 500, - is returned.

For cancellation made less than 30 days prior to arrival there is no refund.

Remember always to check whether you already have Cancellation Protection through your private insurances.